3000+ tonnes onions rotting near India-BD border due to export ban

  • December 17, 2023

India has stopped onion exports till March to meet domestic demand. This has adversely affected the country’s onion market. Daily necessities have to be bought at almost twice the price. Meanwhile, due to India’s decision, onion-carrying cargo trucks have been stuck in the land ports of the Bangladesh-India border. As a result, importers and exporters are also affected. These onions have already started rotting on the truck due to the lack of permit.

At least 100 cargo trucks are waiting at the Bangladesh-India border with the orders of the importers of Bangladesh who had ordered onion before the export ban. The amount of onion waiting is more than 3 thousand tons. As soon as the trucks with these onions arrived at the border, the central government suddenly decided to stop the export. As a result, the trucks got stuck at the border. These onions have already started rotting and smelling bad. The online edition of India’s influential newspaper The Telegraph reported this information.

Truckloads of onions have started to stink in parts of West Bengal on the Indo-Bangladesh border. On the other hand, its price is increasing in Bangladesh. These trucks are stuck in the land port due to the sudden decision of the central government of India to stop exports. Exporters and freighters are also facing losses. Due to India’s decision, the price of onion in Bangladesh has increased from Tk 80 to Tk 200.

Source: Daily Ittefaq