61 out of 70 umpires fail BCB’s English test, BCB to take courses on English

  • January 14, 2024

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) Umpires Committee is trying hard to improve its umpires. According to a recent project, they tested the English language skills of 70 umpires and only 9 passed. Writing, speaking, and reading skills were tested in this test, which was put together with the help of the American International University Bangladesh (AIUB).

Based on how well they did in these areas, the umpires were put into three groups during the evaluation process. The top nine, which included three women, were called “proficient users.” Umpires ranked 10 through 31 were put in the “developing user” group, which has 22 of them. These 39 people, ranked from 32 to 70, were considered “basic users.” These results mean that 61 of the judges still don’t speak English well enough to work at the field level.

Chairman of the BCB Umpires Committee Iftekhar Ahmed Mithu told RisingBD how important it is to be able to speak English as an umpire, especially when talking to players from other countries. He stressed that the board was dedicated to training umpires of the highest level on a worldwide level and that language skills were very important in this effort.

Source: https://www.risingbd.com/sports/news/537882?