All halal products sold will now require an Islamic foundation approval

  • December 3, 2023

The Bangladesh Islamic Foundation (BIF) now requires local businesses to receive their approval before making and selling halal or shariah-compliant goods.

According to a new policy from the Islamic Foundation, companies that make and sell foods, medicines, and cosmetics will need to get certification and a halal badge from the foundation. This certification is good for one year. It is possible to refresh the certification in line with the rules after the validity period is over. The rule was written in 2015 by the Bangladesh Islamic Foundation, which is part of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Local news websites say that it recently made the first policy after making the necessary changes. According to the policy, the officials will check and inspect to make sure that safety standards are being followed correctly. Every year, a plant has to be checked out. What manufacturers and owners of food processing shops have to pay each year for halal certification will depend on their size and ability.

A small factory with an investment of Tk 10 million to 50 million will have to pay a fee of Tk 5,000 every year. Manufacturers who spend between Tk 50 million and Tk 500 million will have to pay a fee of Tk 10,000.

A factory that has invested more than Tk 500 million will have to pay Tk 20,000 a year to get halal approval. Based on how many animals they can handle, slaughterhouses will have to pay a yearly fee of Tk 5,000 to Tk 20,000. Hotel and eating fees will go up to Tk 2,000.