Bangladesh has 7th highest remittance among lower-middle income nations

  • December 20, 2023

According to the World Bank, Bangladesh’s expatriate income is now growing at 7 percent. By the end of 2023, Bangladesh’s total expatriate income through formal and legal channels may reach 23 billion or 2,300 crore dollars.

According to the World Bank and Nomad’s Migration and Development Brief 39, Bangladesh will rank seventh among lower-middle income countries by the end of 2023. As usual, India will be at the top of this list. This year the country’s expatriate income may reach 125 billion or 12 thousand 5 crore dollars. According to the report, this year, like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka will also see an increase in expatriate income. Domestic economic conditions will improve due to compliance with International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan conditions and expatriate incomes will grow as expatriates regain confidence in formal banking channels.

Source: RisingBD