Bangladesh sees record 266 AIDS death in 2023

  • December 27, 2023

This year, 266 people died and 1,276 got AIDS in the country. This is the biggest number of cases ever since the first case was found in 1989. The information was given at an event held on Wednesday (December 27) to honor AIDS Day in the auditorium of the National Cancer Research Institute and Hospital.

He also said that more than 15,000 people in Bangladesh have the HIV virus.

In 2022, at least 232 people died of AIDS and 947 new cases were found. During the event, it was revealed that 1,118 of this year’s AIDS patients are Bangladeshis and the rest are Rohingyas living in different camps in Cox’s Bazar. There are 342 affected people in Dhaka, which is the city with the most cases.

A study shown at the event says that the number of AIDS cases among male sex workers is going up. Also, this disease is increasing among homosexuals as well. AIDS can also be contracted by drug users who use intravenous injections.