Bangladeshi passport ranks 97th in world, same as North Korea

  • January 10, 2024

The Bangladeshi passport is ranked 97th in the 2024 Henley Passport Index, which is the most widely used ranking of passports. This is one spot lower than it was in the last quarter of 2023. The most recent version of the Passport Index came out on Tuesday. It has 104 spots, and some countries’ papers are ranked the same. Bangladesh was placed 97th on the index, tied with North Korea, a country which is very cut off from the rest of the world.

The list is based on how many places people with a passport can visit without a visa.

The 2024 Henley Passport Index says that a Bangladeshi passport lets you visit 42 countries without a visa. The Bangladeshi visa did better in South Asia than those of Nepal (98), Pakistan (101) and Afghanistan (104). The Maldives’ passport was placed number 58, making it the strongest in South Asia. It lets holders enter 94 countries without a visa. India’s passport came in at number 80, Bhutan’s at number 87, and Sri Lanka’s at number 96.

Source: Dhaka Tribune