Barisal University student allegedly beats up classmate over a ‘haha’

  • December 27, 2023

It is said that Arif Hossain Shanto, a student at Barisal University (BU) who is also connected to Chhatra Dal, hit his friend Zakir Hossain. Authorities say the fight started when Zakir replied “haha” to a post by Shanto on Facebook. At about 11 PM on Monday, the attack happened near the university’s traffic police box. Zakir was hit in the left eye with a punch and then kicked, resulting in him being injured.

Reza Sharif, president of BU’s Chhatra Dal branch, said, “We will investigate and take action against him for beating up his classmate because of how he responded to a Facebook post.” Shanto’s acts have been criticized. Another student who was hurt, Muhammad Gholam Rabbani, told what happened, saying that he and Zakir were at the market when Shanto showed up and started attacking. Zakir was taken to Barisal’s Sher-E-Bangla Medical College Hospital (SBMCH) for treatment after his friends stepped in.

“I had reacted to a photo of Arif Hossain Shanto,” Zakir shared his side of the story. “After that, Arif confronted me on Messenger and later asked where I was.” I replied, “I am now on the Barisal-Bhola highway close to BU.” Shanto denied the accusations and said, “Zakir called me at the Bhola intersection and hit me, so I also beat him up in self-defense.” BU officials are worried about what happened. Pushpa Rani Majumdar, the student advisor, said, “Such incidents are not acceptable,” and BU Proctor Dr. Abdul Qayyum said that the school would take the right steps if they got any complaints.