Ctg Environment department gives slogan against plastic using plastic banners

  • June 5, 2023

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Source: The Daily Star

The Chittagong Environment Department has faced criticism for using more plastic in its own events, despite promoting slogans against plastic and its alternatives on World Environment Day. During a special discussion and award distribution meeting held at the Chittagong Shilpakala Academy, the Department of Environment used a large number of PVC banners. The entire academy was covered with these banners for the duration of the discussion.

When questioned about the use of PVC banners and their disposal after the meeting, the environment officials were unable to provide a satisfactory answer, despite advocating for awareness against plastic.

Around the venue, it was observed that more than fifty PVC banners of various sizes, including banners measuring 10 to 20 feet, were hung. PVC banners with different slogans were also placed on the road dividers leading to the arts section. At the end of the meeting, Department of Environment employees were seen removing the large banners. When one of the workers was asked about the banners, he mentioned distributing some to schools and colleges while discarding the rest. However, he refused to provide his name when identified as a journalist.

When Dr. Alok Pal, the Chittagong City Director of the Department of Environment, was questioned about the PVC banners, he told The Daily Star, “I didn’t look at it that way. I can’t say for sure.”

Despite attempts to contact him several times, Hillol Biswas, the Director of the Chittagong City Department of Environment, did not respond to inquiries about the plastic banners.