Darjeeling hotel bans tourists from Bangladesh for Indian defeat celebrations

  • November 25, 2023

In the World Cup final, India was defeated by Australia by a significant margin of six wickets. The occurrence sparked extensive festivity in Bangladesh, with individuals flooding the streets in exuberance. The Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) was subject to considerable censure following this defeat. A hotel in Darjeeling has ceased accepting reservations from Bangladeshi vacationers in response.

Recently, tensions have arisen between India and Bangladesh regarding cricket. The Indian team’s loss in the World Cup final elicited profound elation among a vast number of cricket devotees in Bangladesh, whereas it caused anguish among millions of Indian supporters, particularly in light of the historic significance of this championship match.

Intense tensions have arisen between India and Bangladesh as a result of the response of Bangladeshi cricket supporters to India’s humiliating defeat in the World Cup final. The Indian populace has expressed significant disapproval towards the bohemian festivities being observed. In light of the tense relations at hand, a Darjeeling hotel has made the decision to permanently suspend the acceptance of reservations from travelers from Bangladesh.

One of the hotels in Darjeeling, a popular tourist destination among individuals from Bangladesh, received a significant number of visitors. The hotel administration declared on Facebook that, for an unspecified period, it would no longer take reservations from Bangladeshi guests. This action is a direct reaction to the tremendous support Bangladeshis showed India after the country’s elimination in the World Cup final.

Source: https://www.anandabazar.com/west-bengal/some-hotels-have-called-for-a-boycott-of-bangladeshi-tourists-in-darjeeling-dgtld/cid/1476771