Dhaka Underground Gains Momentum as Legends Return to Shake Things Up in ‘Back to the Underground’ on August 26th

  • August 18, 2023

The underground scene is a place of emotion for most of the bands hailing from this country. Making music here was never an easy trip for any of the bands that are currently doing well.

Powered by Bangladesh Metal Alliance, Trident Of Chaos, Coup de Grâce, and Cloven Hoof BD, Back To The Underground brings back these fantastic bands that formerly ruled the underground music scene.

This will be a celebration of Bangladesh’s underground heavy metal and rock music scene and the bands that sprang from it and are today driving the nation’s music industry.

Listeners will be able to observe the raw vitality they used to exude when they were younger.

This is the debut installment of this concert series, which will only focus on producing an immersive, participatory audience experience for concertgoers. Alongside, there are bands who are currently doing great in the underground scene as well.

Cryptic Fate, Mechanix, Thrash, Naive, Conclusion, and Torture Goregrinder are among the acts on the bill. Not only that, The Joint Family, after a long hiatus, are back to rock the stage and reconnect with their devoted fanbase.

And in addition to a daylong music performance, the festival will have a variety of small companies that correspond to the festival concept, notably product and lifestyle stalls.
Back To The Underground will be held on August 26th (Saturday) at the National Library Auditorium. The tickets are live and available to purchase from Get Set Rock.

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1006202834037754

Ticket Link: https://getsetrock.com/buy-ticket/back-to-the-underground