European politicians end up in Disneyland Paris after a train signalling error

  • October 23, 2023

An unscheduled stop at Disneyland Paris became an unexpected detour for a chartered train transporting European Parliament members and their teams to Strasbourg. The train journey, originating in Brussels and bound for Strasbourg, took an unusual turn due to a signaling mishap on Monday. As a result, hundreds of European Parliament members and their staff were briefly treated to a surprise glimpse of the amusement park’s roller coasters, as reported by The BBC.

Authorities onboard the train were notified that the deviation resulted from a “routing mishap,” and they swiftly shared their humorous perspective on the situation via social media. Regrettably, the impromptu visit to Disneyland Paris did not afford the MEPs the opportunity to disembark and enjoy some of the park’s attractions. The French railway company SNCF informed AFP that the train encountered a 45-minute delay due to a signal misalignment, causing it to miss a connecting track as it neared the greater Paris area. Eventually, it was rerouted onto the correct high-speed track leading to Strasbourg.