FIFA to take steps against Brazil for Maracana incident

  • November 23, 2023

Globo, a Brazilian news outlet, reported on Wednesday that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee is scheduled to initiate an inquiry into the violent incident that occurred between supporters of Brazil and Argentina during their World Cup qualifying match at Maracana Stadium on Wednesday. In its 2023 edition, Article 17 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code explicitly designates the host team and its governing body, the CBF, as the exclusive entities accountable for ensuring the safety of the game.

“Home clubs and federations are responsible for order and security in and around the stadium before, during and after games. […] They are responsible for incidents of any type,” the article reads. Fines, playing one or more matches with a limited audience, a prohibition from playing at a specific stadium, a requirement to play on a neutral field, point deductions, or even expulsion from competitions may be imposed as penalties. “You think about the families, the people who are there, who don’t know what’s going on and we were more concerned about that than playing a match that, at that point, was of secondary importance.”
FIFA President Gianni Infantino condemned the incident on Wednesday.

“Without exception, all players, fans, staff and managers need to be safe and protected to play and enjoy football and I urge the competent authorities to ensure this is respected at all levels,” Infantino said in his statement.