Garment workers beaten up inside Mirpur factory during minimum wage protest

  • October 31, 2023

Workers of a garment factory in Mirpur-11 reported that rod-wielding intruders entered their workplace and assaulted them during a silent demonstration for a minimum wage increase.

As of 1:30 p.m., the entire neighborhood of Mirpur 11 had been enclosed off, the metro station was closed, and law enforcement officers were seen turning away vehicles and individuals. A worker told one of our correspondents that around 9:30 a.m., a large group of outsiders armed with sticks and rods entered the factory and began threatening the employees, resulting in a brawl. According to the workers, the intruders forced them out of the building and continued the assault on the streets in front of law enforcement. They were assaulted on the factory floor because they had ceased working today and were sitting at their desks, refusing to work in a protest for a minimum wage increase. Approximately sixty employees were treated at the Islami Bank Hospital in Mirpur, according to hospital personnel.