Hero Alom set to take part in Dhaka-17 re-election

  • June 5, 2023

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Source: The Daily Star

Hero Alom will run in the by-election for the late actor Farooq’s seat (Dhaka-17).

“Today at 3 p.m., I will purchase the nomination form from the Election Commission,” he stated. Farooq bhai was a tremendous hero, and his passing is a huge loss for us. Many of his development initiatives are still incomplete. “I intend to finish those works.”

In response to the topic of why Dhaka residents should vote for him, Hero Alom stated, “I am loved by the entire country.” To get to this point, I had to overcome various obstacles. I want to show how much people appreciate me by running in the Dhaka by-election. “I believe Dhaka voters will also support me.”

When asked if he will run for office in Dhaka in the upcoming national elections, Hero Alom said, “I will not run from Dhaka, but from Bogra.”

The Dhaka-17 by-election is set to take place on July 17.