Interstellar Theatre Experience: A Spoiler Free Review

  • May 8, 2024

An orchestra of powerful storytelling , Immersive sound effects, unforgettable music scores, and award winning visual effects, Interstellar leaves no box left unchecked. No matter how many times you watch this movie, watching it in theatres with a Dolby Atmos sound system will undoubtedly blow your mind. Kudos to Star Cineplex for bringing it again.

I’ll be honest with you, I actually never watched Interstellar before, and because I wanted my first time to be a theatre experience. And I’m so glad I waited! Throughout the movie, you feel completely immersed in every scene, as if you are a part of Cooper’s Crew aboard the ship. Even if you have watched it before, watching it again in a Dolby Atmos theatre is worth every penny.

Just like every other Nolan movie, it’s one with a lot of Nolanverse scientific logic into it, which you probably need a rewatch to fathom completely. As always, the Fiction and Science merge so well together that almost everything shown in the movie is realistically possible, showing the amount of research that was put into the script.

Despite being such a long movie, the pacing was perfect, with the first act properly setting up the characters, and foreshadowing everything for the final act of the movie. The plot explores the effect of Gravity on space travel, and the way it can warp time itself. It explores the unknowns of space, including worm holes and the wonders of a black hole. You follow the journey of former Nasa Pilot Cooper across the Galaxy to find salvation for mankind, with lots of life threatening dangers along the way. Along with all of this, a main focus of the plot is familial bonds and all the emotions faced in such circumstances. The story telling utilises Nolan’s entire arsenal to the best capacity throughout the film, with completely unexpected plot twists that leave viewers on the edge of your seats, and an emotional ending which goes full circle, leaving questions and answers alike.

Characters were written to be relatable to every viewer, where you get to understand everyone’s motives and feel for every action each character makes. This was enhanced by the performance of every actor who delivered their A Game. Even the AI TARS can feel like he’s now your best friend! Visually, everything looked so realistic that you can’t even tell which part is CGI. Hanz Zimmer produced legendary sound scores for this movie captivating the viewers and making you feel immersed during every scene. The music scores are still played in popular TikTok videos today.

Overall, the first act of the film may be slow paced for a few viewers, but it pays off at the end. A visual marvel, and story telling at its finest, Interstellar is a masterpiece that will remain a timeless classic. It can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages, but the depth of the film can only be understood by more mature viewers capable of understanding the scientific aspects of the film. A must watch in theatres for anyone who enjoys watching movies.


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