Irfan Sajjad and wife devastated after losing twin children

  • May 27, 2023

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Source: The Daily Star

Sharmin Sajjad, a newscaster and the wife of actor Irfan Sajjad, was expecting their first children, twins, in July. So, they were getting ready to meet their children.

One twin was supposed to be a boy and the other was supposed to be a girl. The boy and girl were named Priyo and Maya. Sharmin Sajjad had to have surgery in Chennai in 2021 because of some health problems. After getting better, they talked to a doctor and made plans for their family.

They went to India for a checkup, and that’s when her health got worse. She had to be taken to the hospital, and her premature babies, who were six months old at the time, were born through an emergency caesarean section. They were in serious condition.

Irfan told the news reporters that not only their children but also his wife were in danger. In fact, the doctors told him that the fact that his wife is still alive is “a miracle.”

Sharmin’s health was very bad, so they had to stay at the hospital. This meant that their children had to be buried in Chennai. The star was told that the couple will soon go home, and that his wife will get more care in Bangladesh.

Due to his wife’s health problems, Irfan Sajjad has spent all of his time with her for the past year and a half. He was also not in front of a screen. Irfan, who was crying, told the media, “No one is closer to you in this world than your own kid. We were lucky to have two children, but God took them both away at the same time.