Men selling dog meat as beef & mutton arrested in Khulna

  • December 14, 2023

A gang was caught in Khulna selling dog meat disguised as beef and mutton. The meat they sold was used in different popular items like biryani, burgers, and grilled items in multiple local restaurants. Police arrested 5 members of this gang.

The arrests took place on Wednesday, December 13, in an abandoned building within the Khulna Polytechnic Institute (KPI) premises in the Khalishpur area of Khulna city. They were caught with the dog meat prepared for sale.

Among those arrested were the leader of the gang, a 16-year-old named Taj, son of Habibur Rahman from the North Zone-23 of Bangbasi Mor in Khalishpur, along with 37-year-old Abu Saeed, son of Qutb Ali from the No. 2 navigate area. Other members caught were Siam and Prem Sardar, both 16, from the Charer Hat area, and Abu Saeed, who participated in purchasing dog meat and selling biryani by the street. Two other accomplices are still at large.

The Officer-in-Charge at Khalishpur Police Station, Mohammad Anwar Hossain, mentioned that the operation was set off based on information regarding Abu Saeed, who had been selling biryani in the city for 30 taka only. The discovery of the dog meat selling operation was largely due to this intel.