Messi not yet ruling out playing in the 2026 World Cup

  • December 2, 2023

“I’m not worrying about the World Cup and I’m not saying 100 percent that I won’t be there because anything can happen. Due to my age, the most normal thing is that I won’t be there. We’ll see when that happens,” said Messi in an interview with Argentina’s Star+. Messi went on to say that his focus is on June’s Copa America which will be held in the United States.

“Maybe we’ll do great at the Copa America and everything will fall in place for us to continue. Maybe not. Realistically it’s hard,” he said of the chance of a 6th consecutive World Cup appearance.

“As long as I feel I’m doing well and can continue to contribute, I’m going to do it. Now all I’m thinking about is reaching the Copa America. After that, time will tell if I’m there or not.”

“I’m going to be at an age that normally doesn’t let me play in the World Cup. I said I don’t think I’m going to be there. It seemed like after the World Cup I was retiring and it was the opposite. Now I want to be there more than ever,” he added.