Milestone school bus driver arrested in rape case, filed after 6th grader shows pregnancy symptoms

  • January 27, 2024

The driver of a Milestone school bus is said to have raped a sixth-grade girl in the Horirampur area of Uttara Sector-18 in Dhaka. Harun-ur-Rashid, 50, was caught by police as the suspected driver, and Md. Tushar, 46, his associate was arrested too. Even though it happened on October 12, the event wasn’t made public until the victim’s health was getting worse and she was showing signs of pregnancy.

On January 21, the victim’s father went to the Turag police station and made a report against the driver Harun and his associate Tushar.

Suspect Tushar was caught on the same day in the evening in Uttara Sector-13 by SI Md Ibrahim Molla, who is in charge of the investigation. Harun, the driver, was caught in the afternoon of January 22 in Ershad Nagar in Gazipur by the same team.

The driver confessed to a judge in a Dhaka CMM court that he was involved in the rape in a statement under Section-164 of the CrPc.