Multiple victims of robbery in Mohammadpur in 30 minutes

  • December 25, 2023

Armed robbers took away the mobile phone and wallet from people on roads and alleys in Rayerbazar area on Sunday. Security has been beefed up across Dhaka on the occasion of elections and Christmas.

Locals said about yesterday’s incident that for half an hour, five to six youths snatched wallets and mobile phones from whoever they found on the way. Someone’s bicycle was also stolen. During the incident, there was panic in the entire area. Local people also fled in fear. Pedestrians in other areas fell prey to robbers. It is known that many pedestrians, rickshaw pullers and cyclists were victims but the exact number could not be confirmed. However, the police say that two victims came to them in yesterday’s incident.

Earlier on last Tuesday evening, there was an incident of looting across at least one and a half kilometer road from Mohammadpur’s embankment to Chand Udyan housing area. The robbers hacked and injured at least 10 people. An incident happened again in the same police station area. Earlier in September this year, a mass robbery took place in Bachila area of Mohammadpur. At that time armed miscreants ransacked the shops along the road.

Locals complain that there are multiple groups of juvenile gangs in Mohammadpur area. Almost all of them are drug addicts. They often rob in gangs to collect drug money. If there is a big event, it is announced. The members of this gang live under the supervision of various political leaders. Even though the police sometimes conduct raids, the masterminds remain hidden.