Netflix will now charge US $7.99 monthly for sharing passwords

  • May 25, 2023

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Source: The Daily Star

Netflix recently made it harder for people to share their passwords with people outside of their close family. This is because Netflix wants to make more money by charging US $7.99 a month for people to share their passwords.

“One household can use one Netflix account,” the company said in a statement.

Netflix said at the beginning of this year that more than 100 million households shared Netflix accounts. This made it harder for Netflix to spend in great new TV shows and movies.

Netflix has tried out “borrower” or “shared” accounts in a few markets. With these accounts, subscribers can add more users for a higher price or move their watching profiles to different accounts. It just said that the policy would be applied in more than 100 countries.

Netflix’s growth slowed down last year, so the company, which is based in Silicon Valley, tried to get people who watched for free with shared passwords to start paying for the service without making customers angry.