Plane makes emergency landing due to fight between old couple

  • November 30, 2023

The situation escalated to such an extent that an aircraft had to make an emergency landing before reaching its destination. Due to the trouble caused by the two passengers, the Lufthansa flight from Munich to Bangkok had to make an emergency landing in Delhi on Wednesday. Police said a 53-year-old German citizen started shouting with his wife on the plane. At one stage of the fight, he tried to burn a blanket with a lighter. Later the flight made an emergency landing and the couple was taken off.

According to airport sources, the German citizen’s wife is a Thai citizen. When an argument broke out between them mid-air, the pilot sought permission to land at New Delhi’s IGI airport. The wife sought the cabin crew’s intervention after an argument with her husband started on the plane. The woman alleged that her husband was threatening her. Both of them were sent back to Munich after the charges.

A source said the man was drunk. Crews reported that the man was having a shouting match with his wife. He threw food at his wife. The airline staff failed to intervene in the matter. Due to this the aircraft had to make an emergency landing.

Source: Prothom Alo