Record lowest temp of the season in Finland and Sweden at -40°C

  • January 4, 2024

It is now as cold as it has been all winter in Finland and Sweden, with temps dropping as low as -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit). This cold spell has made it hard to get around. For example, in Norway, a major highway in the south was closed, and boat lines stopped running.

Swedish train companies say there are big problems with rail travel in the Arctic north. A small town in northern Sweden called Nikkaluokta had a temperature of -41.6 degrees C (-42.8 degrees F) early Tuesday. Several places in northern Sweden had temperatures of -30 C (-22 F), according to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. Central and southern Sweden were warned of snow and wind.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Finland was in Ylivieska. This week, temperatures are expected to drop below -40 C in some parts of the country. Arendal in southern Norway’s schools were closed on Wednesday because of problems with the sidewalks. Some ferry crossings have been delayed, like those from southern Norway to Denmark because a key bridge was closed to light vehicles.