Shakib Khan unveils jaw-dropping look from ‘Priyotoma’

  • June 20, 2023

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Source: The Daily Star

Shakib Khan, the king of Dhallywood, has once again wowed fans with a stunning look from his highly anticipated film, “Priyotoma.”

Shakib Khan’s stunning transition into an elderly persona, replete with a wrinkled face and a long, white beard, is showcased in the recently released look. He sits with expectation, his eyes eagerly waiting for his loves, dressed in a white punjabi and trouser.

Shakib Khan posted the intriguing photo on his Facebook account with the remark, “Waiting for you.” The message drew a lot of attention and produced a lot of discussion among his millions of followers.

Shakib Khan has already set social media ablaze with a hot video from “Priyotoma” revealing his youthful look. The overwhelmingly positive reaction to his involvement in the film hints that audiences will be in for a pleasant surprise this Eid.

“Priyotoma,” directed by Himel Ashraf, promises to be an enthralling romantic-action drama. Faruk Hossain, the film’s skilled writer, has created an entertaining and innovative scenario.