Sri Lanka sports minister gets fired the same month he fired the cricket board

  • November 27, 2023

Monday morning, Sri Lanka’s sports minister was fired after he said that president Ranil Wickremesinghe was trying to kill him because he was trying to clean up crime at the cricket board.

Authorities say Roshan Ranasinghe was fired before Monday’s cabinet meeting because he told parliament that Wickremesinghe should be held responsible if he was killed. “I fear I could be killed over my work to clean up the cricket board,” Ranasinghe told parliament, escalating a conflict with Wickremesinghe who had been at odds with the minister over the operation of Sri Lanka Cricket. Early this month, Ranasinghe fired the elected cricket board after accusing its leaders of widespread corruption. The leaders have rejected the charge and are now fighting it in court.

In the otherwise poor island country, the cricket board is the biggest sports group.