Taiwanese couple choose a mountain of garbage as wedding shoot location

  • October 21, 2023

A Taiwanese couple, dressed in formal attire, posed in front of a pile of garbage in an unconventional wedding photo aimed at encouraging their guests to be more environmentally conscious. Iris Hsueh, a Greenpeace campaigner, and her fiancé are planning an “environmentally friendly wedding” in January. They’ve requested guests to bring their own containers for leftover food. To vividly convey their message, the couple traveled three hours south for a photo shoot in Nantou county’s Puli township, where the local dump has seen a steady increase in trash over the years.

“I would show them the photograph” Iris Hsueh said and asked them if they would reconsider. “I didn’t think it would create such a big sensation.” Taiwan has had a recycling program since 1987, with over 50 percent of household waste processed through the system, ranking among the world’s highest rates. However, garbage in Puli township has been growing despite a decreasing population. The couple’s photos went viral, prompting friends and relatives to reevaluate their daily waste generation. Hsueh hopes her photos will spark conversations about the importance of reducing waste and avoiding single-use plastics.

Source: https://www.thedailystar.net/news/world/news/til-trash-do-us-part-taiwan-couple-embraces-garbage-wedding-shoot-3448876