Top freelancing skills you may master in 2021

  • June 11, 2021

In a world filled with creativity and productivity, freelancing has opened up a wide window for enthusiasts who want to lead a life out of the box. In Bangladesh where the job market is so saturated, freelancing has raised numerous opportunities for the youths of the country. The top future-proof freelancing skills are apprehended in the following.

Website development: This freelance skill will surf up the waves of demand, both in the present and in the future. As organisations and entrepreneurs are shifting their paradigm towards online-oriented business strategies, website development is at the top of freelancing skills. Not to mention the aspects uprising of COVID-19 which initiated e-commerce more than ever in Bangladesh.

Data engineering: Data engineers focus on the applications and harvesting of big data. Creating mechanisms for collecting and validating data is the responsibility of a data engineer. They are hands-on information processing professionals with tasks that range from data storage to data manipulation. Data engineering has been the leading factor behind the growth of many ventures that have found success in recent years and sooner or later Bangladesh will have to walk the same path.

Social media specialisation: Social media is the best place to grow and extend the consumer base for digital businesses. A specialist who can correspond to the growth of the business in social platforms can build up an infrastructure for the new ventures.

Creative writing: Every business in Bangladesh thrives to have some qualifiedindividuals who can back up the digital contents, website, and articles that are publishedfrom the organisation to be top-notched. That’s when a creative writer comes to play.Writing articles, blogs, news and contents about the products and services in an appealing way is the goal of every creative writer.

Expertise in Cybersecurity: As businesses are emerging from left and right in the digital platform,like the traditional form of businesses, digital businesses also need a wall of protectionfrom extremities. That’s why cyber-security planted a stronghold in the freelancingmarket.