Voters who already voted made to stand in line again

  • January 7, 2024

Volunteers with BAL badges standing next to the center forced the voters who had voted to stand in line again after they saw journalists. Some time before 10:30 AM there was no line to be seen. While talking to the voters of the line, it was found that they have irremovable ink marks on their fingers. When asked, they said that they have already voted. But the BAL volunteers made them stand in line again.

“We voted in the morning,” two of them told The Daily Star on condition of anonymity. “He asked us to stand again without letting us go, so we are standing.”

Sukumar Barua, a resident of Kalaghata area and a BAL volunteer, who was moving next to the voters’ line, asked them to stand in line. When asked why voters were kept standing in queues even after voting was over, Sukumar told Daily Star, ‘We did not force anyone to stand in queues. Those who voted are gone.’ “We have not heard of such a thing,” Haroon Or Rashid, the Centre’s presiding officer, told The Daily Star when asked about voters being forced to stand in queues. Inform us if you see anything like that.’

Source: Daily Star