Bangladeshi bead artist Anisa Murshed grabs Guinness World Record by making the longest thread of beads in one hour

  • November 29, 2022

Anisa Murshed is a Bangladeshi bead artist holding 20 years of experience. She took up the craft as a hobby when she was just 10 years old, and mastered bead art with years of self-practice.

On August 12th, 2022, on her birthday, Anisa broke the Guinness World Record for the “Longest Thread of Beads Made by an Individual in One Hour” as part of her initiative to promote bead art as well as her expertise in this field. An official declaration from Guinness was given on 1st November 2022 after a series of evidence reviews.

She is currently the only female to still hold an individual Guinness World Record title from Bangladesh.

A marketing specialist by trade, Anisa initiated her passion project “Hey AniSay” back in 2021, through which she showcases creatively unique and millennial forms of bead art.

Breaking a Guinness World Record is a goliath task, for it demands numerous steps of preparation, submission, and evidence-proofing over a span of months. Sometimes it takes years.

The thread of beads that Anisa created was 42.3 meters long, with 1,671 beads in total. The previous record for the same title was 32.7 meters which Anisa successfully exceeded by almost 10 meters to claim herself to be “Officially Amazing!” Less than 10 individuals have claimed the Guinness World Titles from Bangladesh.

“The creativity, effort, and time put behind a piece of bead art gets overlooked as bead art is not a very popular form of craft. Particularly in Bangladesh, where handcrafted products do not gain the admiration it deserves. Beading is not just a craft; it is an exercise that helps develop creativity, focus, and patience. Through my initiatives, I want to inspire Bangladeshi crafters to take up bead art, earn from it and eventually take local bead art initiatives to the world.” says Anisa.