Here’s how Fyruz Education Services plans to change the education scene in Bangladesh

  • November 13, 2022

Written by: Mifta Al Karim

Education is priceless. Education is what empowers us. It gives us knowledge of the world and allows us to experience life in all its beautiful colors. Human evolution over thousands of years is a result of formal and informal education. The youngsters need to understand the value of getting the proper education. They should know it is the most important thing in shaping their future. But at the same time, it is our responsibility to create an environment in which they can reach their maximum potential.

Bangladesh has one major hindrance when it comes to creating an ideal learning atmosphere for students to flourish. The ever-growing number of Coaching Centers. During the 90s, there was hardly any coaching center around Dhaka City. The business of coaching boomed in the early 2000s and now it has spread all over the country as a money-making machine. These coaching centers rarely give enough effort for the betterment of the students. They focus more on improving their bank balance rather than the students’ future. But despite the government’s pledge to outlaw the practice, this informal form of education continues to dominate the lives of students throughout Bangladesh. Now it is about results than actual learning. Hence, the pressure of joining any coaching center has increased tenfold. And this has created an ideal breeding ground for many unethical coaching centers. Almost all of the existing coaching centers in Dhaka city fall into this category, except for a few institutions.

Fyruz Education Services (FES) is one of those institutions. It started its journey with the sole intention of bringing a change that is quite unseen in the education scenario of Bangladesh. By nurturing each student with a unique method, FES distinguishes itself from most coaching centers in the country, if not all. And behind this one-of-a-kind teaching approach, is Mr. Fyruz Khan. Intending to inspire students to help them learn something worthwhile and, of course, help them with their careers, Fyruz Khan founded Fyruz Education Services (FES). He is the great-grandchild of Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah, so it is safe to say that his penchant for education is hereditary. After doing his Undergraduate Degree in Business and Marketing from De Montfort University, Fyruz Khan completed his Postgraduate Degree in International Education from the University of Leicester. After returning home, he started FES to provide better education to its students so they can realize their true potential. FES wants to give all its students better odds of reaching their intended heights, no matter which background they came from.

Depending on social standing, cultural background, or financial capabilities, families vary largely in our country. They don’t have the same income, and they don’t have the same ideology either. Every family got a distinct set of rules and regulations for their children and they also give different lessons in life. That makes every student unique. Diversity like this is beautiful, no doubt about that. But it is tough to make a generalized study plan that works for everyone. There should be no one-size-fits-all solution at all. FES acknowledges this and tries to provide the best possible solution to its student through a mandatory monthly counseling session. Students will always make mistakes. They are often confused about what to do in life. FES is determined to show them the right path to follow. FES believes each student should be treated according to their needs as it will help them make the most out of their learnings.

Teachers play an essential role in the success of the students because a competent teacher not only shares his/her knowledge with the students but also guides them on the path to success. With appropriate direction, the journey toward success becomes much more manageable. Their highly qualified teachers make sure that the students get the best advice. All of their teachers have studied abroad at some point in their careers, which made them perfectly capable of realizing exactly what their students are missing out on. They give their best effort to nurture a young mind and show the right track.

In this era of unparalleled technological assistance, creating an environment that is completely suitable to support a positive learning experience is also very important. Fyruz Education Services (FES) is one of those institutions where students get that exact feeling. The facility is equipped with all the latest technologies, which is exactly what the current generation of students thrives on. On top of all that, FES is designed in such a way it doesn’t even look like a regular coaching center in Bangladesh. The well-maintained and exquisite interior gives it a feeling of exclusivity, unlike any other similar institute. Students, along with their parents regularly experience something they have never had before.

Progress is a continuous process. Along with its students, Fyruz Education Services is also gradually improving and establishing itself as a giant in the field. Rather than being just a coaching center or a consultancy agency, FES is trying to reach the pinnacle and improve the curriculum of Bangladesh. And we can safely say, they are on the right track.