‘Terminator’ anime series coming soon on Netflix

  • November 12, 2023

Netflix has officially confirmed an anime adapted from the famous sci-fi series ‘Terminator’. The anime series will be jointly made by Production I.G, Skydance Media, and writer Mattson Tomlin. Netflix made this announcement in a trailer from their official YouTube channel.

This series will be produced by Production I.G, a Japanese animation studio renowned for its work on iconic anime series including Ghost in the Shell, xxxHolic, Eden of the East, Psycho-Pass, and others. Additionally, Production I.G. developed the original anime series B: The Beginning, which debuted globally on Netflix in March 2018. Additionally, the trailer revealed that Matt Tomlin, renowned for his work on the script for the Netflix series Project Power, will be contributing to the production. The anime will have original characters. The story, set in a fictional alternate timeline, will revolve around an AI scientist, Malcolm Lee, who is preyed upon by a robot assassin sent to the past by the self-aware AI network Skynet. A “soldier from the future” also comes to the past to keep Malcolm safe. The story so far sounds similar to the original 1984 ‘The Terminator’ movie. It is currently not known when Netflix plans to release this anime series, with the trailer only saying: ‘coming soon, only on Netflix’.

Source: https://www.thedailystar.net/tech-startup/news/netflixs-terminator-anime-series-coming-soon-3467856