Bangladeshi filmmaker writes book on BTS titled “BTS: Seoul to Soul”

  • May 20, 2023

Source: The Daily Star

The essay book “BTS: Seoul to Soul” by filmmaker Anarya Murshid about the famous Korean pop music group BTS came out on Friday.

A press statement said that the book about the rise of the Korean pop band is now on sale.

The book has stories about the trials of seven BTS members and lists their shows, albums, and awards. In the book, there was an important piece about the Korean Cultural Wave and the use of “soft power.”

“I’m making a movie about a Bangladeshi BTS fan’s cultural problem. “When we were getting ready to make the movie, I felt like I needed a book about K-pop,” Anarya said.

The book’s editor said that he also wanted to put out books that were about culture and diplomacy. His publishing house has also put out books like this in the past.

“I hope the book will help Bangladesh and Korea build a culture bridge that will last for a long time. “The book will also help the older generation see this generation in a good light,” Anarya said.

Fans of BTS can buy the book at Tobuo Proyas, Lalan, or Chandal Books.