‘Maa’ director and producer walked streets of Cannes wearing lungi-panjabi

  • May 20, 2023

Source: The Daily Star

Today, Aranyo Anawer’s picture “Maa” will have its world premiere at the 76th Cannes Picture Festival. Before the opening, the director, Aranya Anawer, and the producer, Pulak Kanti, were seen in the streets of Cannes wearing a panjabi and a lungi.

The movie will be shown at the Palais de Festivals of Cannes theater at 6:45 pm local time as part of the festival’s “marché du film.”

The director and producer of the movie “Maa” proudly waved the Bangladeshi flag as they walked the streets of Cannes. They wore traditional Bengali clothes like Punjabi, Lungi, and gamcha to honor their roots. This one-of-a-kind display was meant to show the world the rich history and uniqueness of Bangladeshi film.

Aranyo Anawer also wrote about his feelings on his Facebook page. He said, “Marche means to sell, and Marche du Film means the film market. Yesterday, I wore a lungi and Punjabi and spent the whole day in that market area. I was happy to sit in the booth for Bangladesh.

People who thought he walked the red carpet in traditional clothes were also wrong, he said.

“Please correct yourself if you call it the red carpet by mistake. I want to be true to myself. Please help me or don’t say anything.”

The movie “Maa” is about Bangladesh’s Liberation War, and Pori Moni plays a grieving mother in the main part.

Before, “Maa” was supposed to come out in the U.S. on May 19. But the rules say that a movie can’t come out in theaters before it’s shown at a festival. So, “Maa” couldn’t come out in local theaters until May 26.