Beef prices in Dhaka finally see a dip as they go down from Tk800 to Tk600

  • November 25, 2023

In Dhaka, beef prices have dropped to approximately Tk 600 per kilogramme after a year of meat vendors charging customers Tk 800 or more. Some butchers are using in competitive prices, offering beef for as little as Tk 590 or Tk 580 per kilogram, even on social media platforms. While certain retailers persist in increasing prices, others continue to seek additional revenue from their customers.

Customers assert that despite the vendors developing a propensity for generating substantial profits, they were compelled to reduce prices due to a decline in demand. In Bangladesh, beef has historically been in high demand; however, consumers ceased purchasing it when prices increased beyond their financial means. The vendors, who had been dealing in four cows per day prior to the price increase, encountered considerable difficulty in selling even one.

In 2014, beef cost Tk 275 per kilogram, as reported by the Department of Agricultural Marketing, whereas broiler poultry cost Tk 137 per kilogram. Prices for beef increased to Tk 430 in 2018, while chicken prices decreased to Tk 131. Even in 2020, beef was accessible for Tk 550 per kilogram. In that year, the municipal corporations of Dhaka failed to establish a price for beef, resulting in an increase in price from Tk 600 to Tk 650. It was subsequently increased to Tk 700 the subsequent year, and it has now climbed to Tk 800.