Almost 400 women were raped in last 10 months, report says

  • November 25, 2023

At least 2,575 women and girls were subjected to violence during January-October this year, said a Bangladesh Mahila Parishad report today. According to the report based on 13 national dailies, 397 women were raped while 115 were gangraped during this period. Thirty-one victims were killed after the incident while 12 died by suicide.

Besides, 221 females were physically abused while 443 were killed for various reasons. At least 231 females died mysteriously during this period. The report documented 21 child marriages, 142 cases of sexual violence and 61 cases of torture for dowry. Among the dowry victims, 45 were killed. Meanwhile, 207 women died by suicide during the stipulated timeframe.

Additionally, 38 females fell prey to cybercrime.