Denmark has banned burning of the Holy Quran

  • December 9, 2023

Denmark’s government has passed a law that makes it illegal to burn the Quran in public places. The goal was to calm things down with Muslim countries after a series of protests in Denmark in which the holy book of Islam was burned, which caused a lot of anger. Anti-Islam campaigners burned or otherwise damaged copies of the Quran at a number of public protests in Denmark and Sweden this year. This led to calls for the Nordic governments to ban the practice.

Peter Hummelgaard, the minister of justice, says that since July, there have been more than 500 protests where the Quran or flags were burned.

“Such demonstrations can hurt Denmark’s relations to other nations, our interests and ultimately our safety,” said Hummelgaard.

Denmark has tried to find a balance between national security and legally protected freedom of speech, which includes the right to criticize religion. This is because they are afraid that Islamists will attack if Qurans are burned.