Evaly to start refunding money stuck in payment gateway

  • January 13, 2024

Evaly CEO Mohammad Rassel announced plans to refund money stuck in the payment gateway in January and clear legacy debt on bank cheques from May. Rassel addressed an online press conference from his office in Dhanmondi, stating that Evaly has received a “great response” from customers and merchants since resuming operations.

“We have processed over 200,000 products against 80,000 orders in the first campaign on flying return. We will refund the customer’s money in the gateway this month and start paying off all old debts including checks from next May with the profit money. All customers will be paid the principal amount as per the order,” he said. Rassel further said that Evaly has opted for cash-on-delivery as part of continuing trust over the customers.

“Previously, customers paid directly to Evaly before receiving the product. There is no risk for the customer in cash on delivery method. The price paid by the customer is now going directly to the seller. Because of this, the seller also has no residual risk,” he said. Then Rassel explained the process of product shipment saying that the logistic agency E-Courier takes the product directly from merchant to the customer.

Source: Dhaka Tribune