Fire hydrants set to be installed every 1 km in Dhaka, says Home Minister

  • June 15, 2023

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Source: Bangladesh Posts English

Asaduzzaman Khan, the Home Minister, has announced plans to put fire hydrants (special panicles used in firefighting) every one kilometer throughout the capital to improve the availability of water for firefighting.

This was said by the Home Minister today in the National Parliament in answer to a question from M. Abdul Latif, a member of parliament from the ruling party. He stated that there are currently no street fire hydrant points in Dhaka. However, multi-story structures and some organizations have their own fire hydrant locations on the private level.

Given the necessity of receiving water during a fire, the Home Minister stated that the Directorate of Fire Service and Civil Defense has requested that Dhaka Wasa, Dhaka North, and Dhaka South City Corporations take the initiative in building street fire hydrants. In light of this, the local government agency was asked to take the appropriate steps to establish fire hydrants in Dhaka on September 6, 2022.

He stated that on February 2, 2021, an agreement was reached between Dhaka Wasa and the Fire Service to assure the provision of water during a fire.