Children drinking water

Footsteps is now supporting more than 60,000 students in 100 schools across Bangladesh with Safe Water access.

  • April 5, 2023

Project Trishna, a core program of Footsteps Bangladesh, a next-generation organization, has reached
Goal100- ensuring access to safe and clean drinking water for 100 schools across Bangladesh. In April
2019, Footsteps declared a commitment of reaching 100 schools with safe water access through Project
Trishna, which the project has achieved amidst a global pandemic on April 4, 2023 with its latest school
water system installation in Kewdala Government Primary School in Narayanganj. Project Trishna is one
of Footsteps’ core development programs which empowers communities with safe water and sanitation
access. Implemented in 2015, Project Trishna takes a unique approach in implementing safe water
systems in schools, hospitals, public spaces and households and teaches communities how to maintain
these systems in order to ensure the water solution sustains in the long run. The project is supported by
both local and international companies and individuals, which includes the City Bank Limited, BURO
Bangladesh, Olympic Industries, United Group, etc. In 2021, the project partnered with global celebrity
singer Shawn Mendes in ensuring safe water for schools in Northeast Bangladesh. Access to safe
drinking water has been a primary social challenge in communities across Bangladesh, especially for
children who are at risk of falling sick and missing classes due to drinking contaminated water. Project
Trishna is addressing this challenge by creating a unique WASH solution which ensures safe water for a
school for a lifetime.

“Since our declaration of Goal100 in 2019, our team has been working tirelessly to achieve this feat over
the past 4 years. We faced many hurdles in the middle, especially the COVID-19 Pandemic where
schools remained closed for several months, but we are ecstatic of finally reaching this goal which would
not have been possible without our partners and stakeholders. Now that Goal100 is achieved, we will
now set a new target to achieve and work towards empowering everyone in Bangladesh with safe water
and sanitation access, step by step” said Shah Rafayat Chowdhury, co-founder and president of
Footsteps Bangladesh.

Footsteps Bangladesh has been actively working in Bangladesh’s development sector since 2013 and has
impacted over 400,000 people across 33 districts in Bangladesh with WASH, Climate Action, and Public
Health initiatives. Project Trishna is currently ensuring safe water for over 60,000 children in 100 schools
across 9 districts in Bangladesh. The organization received the Diana Award, AFS Prize for Young Global
Citizens, Joy Bangladesh Youth Award and has been enlisted on Forbes 30 Under 30 List for its
innovative work in Bangladesh’s development sector.