Graduates can now get internships at government offices

  • November 1, 2023

In accordance with the new ‘Internship Policy 2023’ issued by the Ministry of Public Administration, Bangladeshi graduates and postgraduates may now intern at government, semi-government, autonomous, and private institutions. According to official sources, this policy seeks to increase the professional qualifications of local youth through internships at government, private, and commercial institutions. The objectives of this policy also include assisting graduates combine work experience with textbook knowledge, receive practical training from local institutions, and get familiarised with the workings of government offices.

This internship opportunity is open to Bangladeshi citizens with a graduate or postgraduate degree. However, applicants must submit their applications within two years of completing their graduate/postgraduate degree or equivalent. Each candidate may only submit an internship application to a government office once. Applicants will be selected based on merit as well as their subject matter knowledge, as determined by the concerned institution. Each fiscal year, the government will determine the number of internship opportunities available. In addition, government agencies must now publish internship recruitment advertisements to attract recent college graduates. The recruitment posts will need to include contact details of the organisation, required eligibility, and explicit instructions on how to apply for the internship.