Man stops bank robbery by hugging the suspect, says ‘love overcomes all’

  • May 29, 2023

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Source: NDTV

A Good Samaritan stopped a bank robbery in California, which is in the US. ABC News says that Michael Armus Sr. was at Bank of the West on Monday making a deposit when a guy walked in. The man, who had his face hidden with his shirt, gave a teller a note in which he said he had explosives and asked for money.

Thank goodness, Mr. Armus recognized the suspect as a former neighbor and chose to talk to him to help.

He went up to the man and asked, “What’s wrong?” He didn’t worry about his safety…. You don’t have a job?” The thief said, “There’s nothing for me in this town.” Nothing for me in this town. I only want to go to jail.

Mr. Armus then talked the man into going outside, where he gave him a hug to make him feel better. So I took him outside and gave him a hug right here at the doors. He started crying, so I moved away from him, and all of a sudden, the police showed up. There are no alarms, only lights everywhere.”

Eduardo Placensia, who is 42 years old, was taken into custody by Woodland police officers and taken to jail, where he was charged with trying to break into a house. Police say that he wasn’t armed like he said he was.