MrBeast gets buried alive to surpass T-Series in subscriber count

  • November 19, 2023

Right now MrBeast is in a subscriber battle with T-Series to reach the top position. They have only 41K subscribers between them, so the YouTuber is pulling all the stops to surpass the music label. However, his newest attempt to surpass them had him risk a lot.

He tried to stay buried alive for 7 straight days. This idea may trigger some people, so reader discretion is suggested. Most of his fans are already loving this video as it has surpassed 8 million views in just 2 hours! On the night of day 4, MrBeast said, “I hope tomorrow’s easier. It’s a weird feeling. I am very tired, but for some reason I can’t sleep. I don’t know. I’ve never had this happen before. Why am I crying? I don’t know.” This clearly brought up the fact that solitude and being buried alive did a number on his mental health. After the 7th day of being buried alive, his friends started to dig him out. After lying down in that position for 7 straight days, if MrBeast stood up suddenly, he would risk fatal blood clots forming in his body. So they first brought in a medic to check how his vitals were.

Source: MrBeast YT