Only 1824 accounts in Bangladesh have 15.33% of the total bank deposits

  • November 23, 2023

Banks in Bangladesh had 1,824 accounts with deposits over Tk 50 crore by the end of June 2023, according to Bangladesh Bank (BB) data.

Approximately 145,973,192 bank accounts held a cumulative deposit of Tk 1,687,024.61 crore as of the conclusion of June.

Nonetheless, as of March’s conclusion this year, a sum of Tk 235,131.26 crore was deposited in 1,758 accounts with deposits exceeding Tk 50 crore, representing 14.58 percent of the overall bank deposits in the nation. As of March 31, data from the central bank indicates that a cumulative sum of Tk 1613,062.64 crore was deposited into 141,137,256 bank accounts in Bangladesh.