Over 26,000 child marriages prevented by 999 helpline in 6 years

  • December 23, 2023

The National Emergency Service in Bangladesh, or 999, has been very important in stopping child marriages. Over 26,000 child marriages have been reported to the 999 number in the last six years, which shows how useful it is in a wide range of urgent situations.

Notably, informed citizens like family members and even possible victims have actively used the service to get help right away to stop these illegal activities. The numbers show that more and more people are aware of the 999 service and how well it works in a variety of situations.

Because it offers so many services, the 999 hotline has been open since December 12, 2017, and has taken about 25,917 calls about child weddings. Authorities reassure people that the emergency service is still committed to helping people quickly and making the area safer for everyone.

Source: https://www.kalerkantho.com/online/national/2023/12/22/1347884