Passenger opens plane door during flight in South Korea

  • May 28, 2023

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Source: NBC News

A passenger on a flight in South Korea opened an emergency exit door, which sent a blast of air into the plane and hurt a few people a little. The plane safely touched down.

Some people on the Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 tried to stop the person, but the Transport Ministry said the person was able to partly open the door.

From the southern island of Jeju, the plane carrying 194 people was flying to the city of Daegu in the southeast. An airline official told NBC News that the plane was about 200 metres (700 feet) above the ground when the event happened. The flight usually takes about an hour, and the plane was just about to land when it happened.

Someone on board seems to have taken a video that was shared on social media. In it, you can see some passengers’ hair being blown around by the loud wind coming in through the open door, while others hold on to seats for support.

The person who opened the door was taken into custody by police, the airline said. His reason wasn’t clear at first.

Asiana and Transport Ministry officials said no one was hurt in the event, but some passengers were checked out at a hospital.

“The plane was just a few minutes away from landing,” an Asiana Airlines employee named Han Jae Min said in a phone chat on Friday.

“Nine people who were having trouble breathing were taken to a nearby hospital after landing, but we hear that they are doing well,” Han said.