Shams Ahmed becomes first Bangladeshi-American to win an Emmy

  • May 28, 2023

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At the 44th Sport Emmys, “Ragged old flag,” a piece from Super Bowl LVII, made Shams Ahmed the first Bangladeshi-American to win an Emmy for music direction. The award was given to him for his work on the piece.

“Winning this award is an honour and a gift, but it’s hard to believe that I’m the first Bangladeshi or Bangladeshi-American to win an Emmy Award for Music Direction. “Thank you to everyone for always being there for me,” his post said.

Earlier, he shared that his “Ragged Old Flag” piece for Super Bowl LVII has been nominated for an Emmy. They were mentioned in two categories: one for camera work and the other for our direct contributions to music direction. Shams Ahmed worked on this Super Bowl project with Rachel Neubeck, Ben Bram, and Scott Hoying, who are all on his team.

“Working on this has been one of the best parts of my year so far, and seeing how many people it helped was a big win. “Congratulations to Rachel Neubeck, Ben Bram, and Scott Hoying, who are all on our team,” said Shams.

He said that America’s Youth Choir’s piece for Super Bowl LVII was about the beliefs that make America such a great and diverse place.

“In the past, this piece has felt too political, so this year we decided to focus on what makes this country great: variety, creativity, and the hope for a better future. What better way to show that these values are important than with a beautiful and skilled American youth choir? Rachel’s team did a great job of capturing these values. It’s really cool to be an Ahmed and work on such a proud American piece. “In a country that has had to deal with Islamophobia for decades, this feels like at least a small victory,” said the Music Director.

Shams Ahmed is a music director, voice producer, and singer from Bangladesh. His amazing songs and musical creations are making waves in the world of Western music. Shams has already left an indelible mark on the music business. He co-founded a girl group called Citizen Queen, a kids’ music brand called Acapop! KIDS, and worked as a producer for the famous a cappella group Pentatonix.