Person loses all their files uploaded to Google Drive since May 2023

  • November 27, 2023

A person shared that their files which were saved on their Google Drive went missing, and they could only access the data from before May 2023. An absolute nightmare for anyone, the person took to Google support complaining about this, but has not received a solution so far.

They wrote, “Hi, my Google Drive files suddenly disappeared. The Drive literally went back to condition in May 2023. data from May until today disappeared, and the folder structure went back to status in May.
Google Drive activity doesn’t show any changes (only show activity that was in May)
No files was deleted manually, so no files in Trash. I never sync or shared my files and drive to anyone, I used the drive locally.”

“I followed recovery process that Google support team ask me to (South Korea team). They put a recovery program and failed. ask me to backup and restore DriveFS folder, nothing changed. I reported the issue to the Google support team probably in States and they ask me to report the issue to their engineer. But no answer from the engineer and cannot know whether they are reviewing my issue. I used the drive few days ago and last morning this horrible problem happened. very devastating and the files are very important to me. needs any help to fix the problem.
thanks in advance for any helps.”