BUPIMUN- 21: The Most Prestigious Academic Simulation of the Year

  • February 4, 2022

Model United Nations Conferences. An academic simulation that delineates the art of diplomacy, negotiation skills, lobbying, public speaking and keeping up with the foreign policies of each delegation. Model United Nations or MUN has grown popular worldwide in contemporary times. MUN is a student-run model of the United Nations, which is associated with the modeling of hundreds of entities that comprise the renowned international organization. MUN provides an unprecedented opportunity to hone public speaking, international relations, and diplomacy abilities.

It has expanded much beyond this traditional framework. The first conference to model UN practice was held at Swarthmore College in 1947, and included debates about nuclear weapons, refugees, and postwar rebuilding, all of which are still discussed at conferences today.

The popularity of High School MUN grew substantially in the second half of the twentieth century, as more and more conferences began to form throughout the world. Currently, it includes models of everything from General Assembly organs like the United Nations Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) to regional supranational entities like the European Union (EU) to cabinets, corporate boards, and more! Delegates from all over the globe go to attend MUN conferences, where they mimic one of dozens of committees and collaborate to solve the world’s main problems in accordance with policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

BUP Global Affairs Council is a recognized club in the Bangladesh Model United Nations community that has been keeping its prestige and excellence since 2015 by organizing innovative and successful MUN conferences every year. BUP Global Affairs Council held its first model United Conference in 2016. is one of the best MUN conferences that the country has ever seen. BUP Global Affairs Council set up BUP Intra MUN 2017 as another way to find bright people who need to improve their skills. In the same year BUP International Model United Nation conference, BUPIMUN 2017 was held with much prestige. BUPIMUN 2018 preparations began soon after that.

In 2019, BUPGAC organized its first non-MUN event called “Lead It.” It got a lot of attention and turned out well. BUP Intra MUN 2019 gave out some of the best prizes to the people among the participating delegates.

History changed for BUPGAC in the year 2020. A lot of events, like QuaranTeen Week, EiFAC-Exchanging Ideas For A Change, and Brink 2.0, were put on to make the pandemic as big as possible. “BUP International Model United Nations Conference 2020 ” was a huge success as well. 

BUPIMUN 2020 took into account the COVID-19 issue’s sensitivity by adhering to social distancing norms. As a result, the entire four-day conference was held online, making it easier for delegates to work and giving each person more chances to be heard. In 2021, Brink 3.0 came out which was a great way to address important issues with new ideas and empower these future leaders. On top of that, the club also made a web show about the Palestine-Israel conflict. BUP Global Affairs Council is still working at an exceptional level, exceeding all expectations, in order to help young people learn more about this field through skill development.

BUPGAC has hosted a bunch of Model United Nations conferences and other seminars. BUPIMUN anticipates unique phenomena from its delegates and executive board members, and strives to create successful conferences worth remembering for a lifetime. Students take satisfaction in MUN’s hospitable capacity and also in the full-fledged best academic learning recorded in their thoughts. The Secretariat members have the compatibility and commitment to deliver the best experience possible for the delegates, and they have never failed to impress. With the goal of serving the greater good and arranging an educational and intellectual conference for students each year, the forthcoming event is the BUP International Model United Nations Conference 2021, which will take place from February 10 to February 12. In terms of commitment and promise, this time around, the allure and excitement are greater. The excitement of the sessions with eight energetic committees is poised to raise the conference’s flag with an exceptional flag bearer named Md Nazmul Hasan Swapan, the Secretary General of BUPIMUN 2021. The 14 departments and their extraordinary sense of hospitality, which awakens delegates’ dormant spirits, welcome guests with boxes of surprises.

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1268650440318672