Police claim to “clearly see” man run away, who has been dead for almost 3 years

  • December 6, 2023

Amin Uddin Mollah has been dead for 2 years and 10 months. But according to a surprising case statement, police officer in Gazipur “clearly saw” him and 21 other people on October 28 when the they were fleeing after throwing a crude bomb at a police team.

The supposed incident took place in Targaon Medical Intersection area at 11:30 PM, and the sub inspector said in the case statement that he could clearly see the suspects under the street lights. Mozammel Haque, Amin’s son-in-law, and Md. Saifullah, the man’s neighbor from Khirati village, said the man died on January 25, 2021, while getting care at a hospital in the capital. He was 65 years old.

The local union parishad member Mostafa Kamal said that Kapasia police even got Amin’s death certificate for a case after he died in 2021. Three people in the area and a Jamaat leader said that Amin quit as the education officer for Narsingdi’s Monohordi upazila and then joined the Jamaat-e-Islami party.

The officer in charge of the Kapasia Police Station, Md Abu Bakar Mia, said they would look into it.

Leaders of the BNP and Jamaat have long said that the government is using the police and other parts of the government to silence the opposition by putting their leaders and workers on false charges.

Source: https://www.thedailystar.net/news/bangladesh/crime-justice/news/police-see-dead-man-running-3486836