This website by Pathao founder tells you if there will be ‘oborodh’ tomorrow

  • November 7, 2023

The website ‘’, which previously provided up-to-date information on hartals (strikes) and blockades in Bangladesh, has reappeared in 2023 amidst the ongoing blockades. The website was established in 2015. The website was originally established amidst a phase of frequent hartals by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). It has been recently enhanced to incorporate details regarding the most recent blockades initiated by the aforementioned party.

The website was made by Pathao founder Hussain M Elius in 2015, to provide a reliable source of info for people to know whether a hartal or blockade was to take place on the following day. It was a result of the challenges faced by commuters and the need for companies to plan ahead during unforeseeable times. With the repeat of BNP-led blockades in 2023, ‘istomorrowhartal’ has seen an update with info of latest blockades.